Melasma and other types of skin discoloration are treated with the fractional radiofrequency technology known as Sylfirm

Precise needles and pulsed radiofrequency radiation are used to create the electrothermal effect beneath the skin. This generates an electric field that specifically kills the skin’s melanin pigments and abnormal blood vessels.

The dermal basement membrane (the part of the skin that lasers have never been able to reach) is prompted to heal by Sylfirm, making it stronger and better able to guard the dermal layers beneath.

At Aesthetic Studio, we have years of experience using healthcare technology techniques, expert craftsmanship, and an eye for beauty to provide outcomes in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

How does Sylfirm work?

In order to penetrate the skin, Sylfirm X infuses radiofrequency radiation into microneedles. On the device, the depth and force of the needle can be precisely adjusted for maximum efficiency.

Because of its pulse wave mode, SYLFIRM X is distinctive. The only fractional RF micro needling device on the market right now can function in both continuous wave (CW) and pulse wave PW (short pulse) modes. Other RF micro needling devices, however, can only operate with a continuous waveform.

The recommended parameters change based on the circumstances. Dermatologists typically suggest pulsed-wave (PW) therapy to treat inflammatory conditions like acne and broken capillaries. Continuous wave (CW) is recommended for skin tightening and scarring.

Effects of Sylfirm on your skin

SYLFIRM-X has a magical effect on your skin, giving it a new degree of youthful radiance in terms of tone and texture.

  • enlarges slack skin
  • more favorable vascular pigmentation
  • reduces the visibility of scars.
  • successful in treating acne and acne scars
  • reduces the severity of rosacea or totally cures it while improving the skin’s texture and tone.
  • improves overall skin appearance

Treatment duration and expected results

To ensure your comfort, a local anesthetic is provided to the treatment region prior to all Sylfirm X procedures being performed in-office. An individual therapy session could last anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment areas and the patient’s skin condition.

Others require up to five treatments to get their beautiful skin, even though some people experience results after the first treatment. The skin regeneration technique Sylfirm X works well and has long-lasting effects that don’t wear out after a few months. To preserve the therapeutic results, the procedures can be performed annually.