Botulinum toxin is a bacterial protein, which is neurotoxic, can be safely injected into a muscle.

How does it work?

It blocks the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, temporarily paralyzing the muscle that was injected.

Therefore, the muscles won’t contract along the skin’s surface, avoiding the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Is it safe?

Over 20 years have passed with no known side effects while it has been used for both medical and cosmetic reasons worldwide with FDA approval.

Will I be able to move my face after the treatment?

Yes, of course! Only when too much of the toxins is administered in one region does one develop the frozen appearance.

Skin specialists only target small, particular muscles; as a result, regular facial expressions like smiling, frowning, etc. won’t be impacted.

Can Botox really prevent antiaging?

Botox can delay and prevent the indications of aging when used frequently, according to studies.

What areas can be treated with Botox?

It is mostly used to cure facial and neck wrinkles. The most well-liked area is

  • wrinkles on the forehead,
  • crow’s feet, glabellar lines (lines between the eyebrows),
  • a gummy smile
  • Face reshaping “V shape”

Are there any side effects?

  • Bruising
  • Swelling and localized redness are possible adverse effects, as with any injection.

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What happens after treatment?

You can resume your normal activities as soon as you leave the clinic, but it’s vital to avoid anything vigorous for 24 hours, such as going to the gym, and you also need to avoid getting a facial massage or having any other laser treatment for at least three days.

Side effects

There may be a little bruising, which goes gone in a few days.


In order to assess the Rx results and perform any necessary retouching, we will schedule you for a face checkup 1-2 weeks later.